Application Tips

Application Instructions
{A copy of the instructions below will come with your order}
Before You Begin:
Each vinyl decal comes in three layers:
-Top Layer : Transfer Tape
(looks and feels like masking tape, and is placed over the top of the actual statement)
-Middle Layer : Vinyl decal
(the actual lettering or design that will be applied to the wall.)
-Bottom Layer : Backing Paper
(thick white paper with grid pattern that the statement is positioned on)
{Once you have applied your statement, you will discard both the transfer tape and backing paper. They are used only to apply your statement.}
Optional Tools for Easier Application:
-Level (ours was $5 at walmart)
-Yard Stick or straight edge
-Blue Painters Tape
-Burnishing tool such as a spatula, credit ....anything to help you transfer the vinyl
Prepare Your Wall:
{Wash your wall with an alcohol-based all purpose cleaner or glass cleaner. Rubbing alcohol also works well. Dry wall completely.}
Step One: Prepare your vinyl decal
-Unroll your statement. (You may want to lay it flat somewhere warm until it no longer curls.)
-Lay your statement on a table or other flat, smooth surface (facing up, so you can read your statement).
-Rub over the entire surface of your statement with the burnishing tool. This will fix any letters that may have detached from the Transfer Tape during shipping.
-Using a yard stick or straight edge, draw a straight line along the graphic to help you get it hung straight.

Step Two: Position & Tape Statement
Decide where you want to apply your statement and use two pieces of blue painter’s tape while you work out the exact positioning.
Top Hinge Method:
Once your statement is in the perfect position, place several pieces of painter’s tape on the top of edge of your statement. These pieces of tape will be like “hinges” when you flip up your statement. Space them a few (between 2 and 6) inches apart.

Step Three: Remove Backing Paper
Flip the statement up and carefully peel the backing paper from the transfer tape. Avoid touching the actual lettering of the statement itself. (The statement should stay on the transfer tape, with the backing paper left bare, sometimes this may require you to gently helping the letters adhere to the transfer tape.)
*Carefully lay the statement back down into position on the wall, and smooth the entire surface. Go from the top, to the bottom, and from the middle to the edges, to prevent bubbles forming under your statement.
Step Four: Burnish Your Statement
-Using the burnishing tool, firmly rub the entire statement, paying extra attention to the edges of each letter and embellishment.
-Moisten the transfer tape with a wet sponge. After a few seconds, it will start to wrinkle. Burnish again.
(Be careful not to get water outside the edges of the tape, as it may seep under the transfer tape and weaken the adhesive of the vinyl.)
Step Five: Remove Transfer Tape
Slowly peel the transfer tape from the wall. Be sure that the dots of “i”s, and other small pieces don’t get pulled off with the transfer tape.

Tip: Peel the tape straight back, so it is as close to the wall as possible, and not “out”.
{If your statement has 2 layers, you will need to follow the instructions for Two Part Application to apply the second layer.}
Step Six: Enjoy!

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